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Browser addon allowing you to share a bookmark folder with a team.
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Compatibility to Microsoft Edge is now awaiting for a review ; it will be available soon !

How does it work ?

When you register on the website, you will be prompted to create a bookmark folder.
You will then receive a TeamKey that will be unique for your team.
Just copy / paste the TeamKey into the addon options to start synchronization.
Share the TeamKey with your team and they will be able to use the bookmark.
Your team members only need to download the addon and set the TeamKey.


Can I have read-only users in my team ?Not yet, but it's planned
Is there a limit to the size of the team ?Unlimited
Is there a limit to the number of bookmarks ?Unlimited
Cross-browser compatibility ?Yes
Work with Firefox Sync & Google Sync ?Yes
Is it free ?Yes

Where to download ?

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


Pro version

There is no pro version yet.
Here are the changes planned exclusively for the pro version:

  • Multiple root folders
  • Grant access on desired folder / member
  • Manage your bookmarks via website
  • Invite new team member with an email
  • Log changes made by team members
  • Restore / compare previous version
  • Slack integration

Note: The free version will remain unchanged.


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